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The same paper lanterns than in ours processions in Lourdes. The same brightness in the eyes of the children!

Ashish Sidapara

Full of life, superb portraits!


you caught the look of anticipation


Dirty ice cream! Have you tried it?


Aha, the great tradition of burning the candle. Great people shots!


Very nice series. I love the candid of the girl at the very bottom, she goes well with the shots at the bottom of your previous post.


La première et la dernière se répondent, immanquablement : de l'amour, de la douceur, beaucoup de tendresse


The sorbetero looks happy!:)


Comme dit Gérard, ça fait bosser les fabricants de bougies la religion ;-)


Le feu sacré, symbole issu de la nuit des temps préhistoriques, toujours vivace et captivant ...


So, this is the set of sidetrip photos in the festival. I like how you captured the smile of the guy in the first photo... :)


fascination du feu toujours! j'ai eu la flemme d'aller "navaler" cette année!


The little girl in the last shot is so sweet.


The girl in the last photo is so cute!


I used to play with wax to Sidney, we used to have candles in old wine bottles and pick at the wax.:)


oh, those kids playing around with melted candle wax really brings back memories. we used to do the same thing to pass away the idle time while waiting for the procession to conclude, that is, if we have candles intact for we often lose or break them in pieces :) thanks for sharing these sidney

dennis villegas

The sorbetero has a very warm smile...seems he has a good sale ;)

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Great photos. The ice-cream vendor brought back memories of my childhood days. I remember how my mom would buy me an ice-cream or cotton candy after mass.

Gérard Méry

Les bougies restent la valeur sûre en religion

Sexy Mom

i really appreciate your series of La Naval, they really merit a lot of space. thanks for sharing, sydney!


the ice cream man joined in too! hehe. :) i miss dirty ice cream.

dong ho

you've captured the filipinos at a perfect time sid.


ahh le sourire sur la dernière photo: splendide

Charles Ravndal

Nice set of photos Sidney! The little girl there has a sweet smile!


nice photos. i just hope that the ice cream man's product is not as sour as his smile. (just kidding) lol.

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